It's time to fan the flames for Joe Biden or embrace the thrill of Trump's second term!

The lack of enthusiasm for Joe Biden in crucial swing states is a red alert that requires your immediate support! We must mobilize now, with determination, to shift public opinion and political momentum. History will remember if you donated at this critical moment in history!!

Your immediate support is crucial and transformative — help us send a tidal wave of energetic young people directly into the crucial battleground states. With your help, we will engage communities, spark vital conversations, and mobilize voters.

By Mike Reid | August 2024

Dear loyal supporters of Joe Biden: You are not spectators, you are participants. Do not stand on the sidelines! Step into the fray.

You are the Joe Loyalists, and your mission is to generate a surge of excitement, a tidal wave of enthusiasm for Joe Biden!!

We are talking about so much excitement that it might initially seem inconceivable. It will surprise you — shock you even — but that's the scale of the response that Joe Biden needs right now!

Yes, an unbelievable, seismic level of excitement for Joe Biden.

Remember 2012? Taylor Swift was 22 and Democrats were extremely fired up and ready to reelect Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

This is not just an attempt, it is a commitment. The Joe Loyalists are approaching the 2024 election with unbridled excitement, but we need your immediate donation to make our vision a reality!

For those who are reading this and have the means, I appeal to you directly: if you can donate $500,000, please donate it now.

Yes, I understand that this is a significant amount of money.

And maybe you are thinking: $500,000?! That isn't for me.

But there are those among you who are in a position to contribute at this level. In fact, there are thousands of great Americans who are in a position to contribute at that level. Are you one of them?

The Joe Loyalists are all about supercharging enthusiasm for Joe Biden's 2024 run, blasting through those poll numbers, and catapulting Joe straight to victory! But hey, we can't do this solo — we need YOU! Your lightning-fast support, your rock-solid commitment, and every dollar you can spare fuels our rocket! Whether you're diving in with $500,000, stepping up with $2,500, chipping $1,000, or even giving just $1, every single dime you give is a shout-out of support for Joe!

If $500,000 is beyond reach, perhaps you could donate $100,000?

You're hesitating, I know, but think about it.

If $100,000 is not possible, could you afford $25,000?

And if you can't afford $25,000, what about $2,500?

We're not just talking about making a political donation. We're talking about life in America for the rest of the 2020s and beyond.

As the only group in America dedicated to boosting enthusiasm for Joe Biden using the latest AI technology, the Joe Loyalists are all about supercharging support for Joe Biden's 2024 run, blasting through poll numbers, and catapulting Joe straight to victory! But hey, we can't do this alone — we need YOU! Whether you're diving in with $500,000, stepping up with $50,000, chipping in a generous $1,000, or even giving just $1, every single dime you donate will turbocharge excitement for Joe, harnessing the power of AI technology to achieve the impossible.

I'm appealing to your sense of urgency, your understanding of what's at stake for America from January 2025 - January 2029.

Joe Biden is trailing Donald Trump in most public polling.

And that's a problem we cannot afford to ignore any longer.

So, I am pleading, imploring, begging you to donate right now.

Time's running out and every second is critical in our battle for Joe Biden's 2024 victory. The Joe Loyalists need you — now more than ever. This fight is about raw passion versus the ticking clock, a fierce clash between our collective will and the hard reality of the polls. We're staring down the barrel of defeat unless we act with bold, uncompromising urgency. Your donation, whether it’s $500,000 or just $1, isn’t just money; it’s the fuel we need in our urgent fight for the future. This is the moment to stand up, to be counted, to make your mark. Don’t just watch; leap into action. Donate now. Political victory hinges on your courage to act immediately.

The urgency cannot be overstated. The fate of our party, and indeed, our country, hangs in the balance. We are facing an uphill battle, with Joe Biden currently trailing in numerous polls.

The situation may be urgent, but it is far from hopeless.

With your help, we can turn the tide.

We can change the narrative. We can secure a better future for all Americans. But to do that, we need to act now. So, please, donate.

Help us make our effort a resounding success, and help us secure victory in 2024 by making a donation of whatever you can.

Time is of the essence, and the stakes are high. The urgency is real, and the need for action is now. We are counting on you, my fellow Democrats. Let's do this together. Let's make a difference. Let's secure a better future for us all.

The Joe Loyalists are ready to fan the flames of enthusiasm for Joe Biden's 2024 race, an urgent drive to create an electrifying wave of excitement potent enough to close the yawning gap in the polls and set us firmly on the road to victory. But this is a monumental task we cannot undertake in isolation. Your immediate support, your resolute commitment, and your crucial donation are the lifeblood of our effort. Whether you can afford to donate $500,000, $2,500, $1,000, or even just $1, remember that each dollar you contribute is an endorsement of our urgent mission, and an affirmation of your support for Joe Biden. Don't delay, donate now.

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